Transfer Funds Increase Coverage

All of you are aware that our resources are limited and that we do our best to provide the best possible oral interpretation and written translation services. But we are trying to expand our services and are in need of everyone’s help in identifying additional financial resources.

Every dollar transferred or donated to our budget or donated will go directly to expanding our services. Kindly follow the steps below if you are able to assist and please know that any additional financial resources are much appreciated. Thank you LAUSD family.

Option 1:

Identify the funding line you would like to transfer funds from, along with the amount. Provide the following information to the fiscal specialist for your school/office to generate the budget transfer:
Cost Center:
1003901 Translations Unit
Functional Area:
Program Code:
10476 General Fund
580001 Personal Services Contracts

Option 2 (For Charter Schools):

A monetary check may be issued for the cost of oral interpretation or written translation services made payable to LAUSD Translations Unit. We will provide an invoice for services.

Option 3:

Time reporting Translations Unit staff (overtime, if applicable) for the hours of your meeting. A time reporting sheet along with employee information will be provided for the Time Reporter for your school/office following the meeting.

Contact Christine Enriquez once the transfer has been completed, or if you have any questions:

What we do?

Increase parent and community participation.

Our mission

Bringing Schools and Communities Closer Together.

Our goal

The Translations Unit's role is to facilitate a means of communication for parents, staff, and the various diverse communities through professional written translation and oral interpretation services.

Our Team

Catarino Arias

Director of Translations Unit

Interpretations and Transaltions

Christine Enriquez

Admin. Assistant

Fiscal, budget, contracts, dispatch interpreters

Javier Evangelista

Graphic Designer

Translations coordinator, multilingual formatting, assessments reports

Alejandro Yescas

Tech Support Specialist

Database/Web Developer, dispatch interpreters, bids

Oscar Rodriguez

Sp Ed Coordinator

Translations of written IEPs

We welcome your feedback

Whether it is positive or negative, we would love to hear from you! Please evaluate our team.

what our clients say

Though I now know the many impacts the Translation Unit faces in LAUSD, our team at Gratts was extremely fortunate to have a translator, Beatriz Ramirez, attend our IEP. Ms. Ramirez was very professional from the moment we greeted one another, courteous to the parent and right away began translating as we waited for the meeting to begin.

Vanessa C.

I would like to take this time to say how impressed I was by my interpreter yesterday at my SARB hearing.

Edith M.

The interpreter handled a difficult situation very well.

Susan B.

Thank you for sending a professional and knowledgeable individual.

Eve S.